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Discover benefits of an innovative way of settling financial transactions using low-cost secure BEP20 Blockchain technology.  We create safe digital assets with enhanced privacy and security.

Escrown (ESC) is an ambitious project, based on BEP20 Smart contract technology. 
It offers an innovative secure payment alternative with low transactions fees.

  • Transaction costs
  • Privacy & Security
  • Transaction times

Pricey transactions are a thing of the past.

With blockchain technology, the costs of transactions can be reduced anywhere from 40 to 80%, compared to traditional methods.BEP20 blockchain technology that utilises proof of stake
instead of proof of work leads to fractional transaction cost fees compared to ERC20 technology.

Your security is our priority.

Escrown (ESC) uses a peer-to-peer system, which is non-custodial. All trading parties involved in the transactions are safe. 

Effortless speed. Operations take just a few seconds. 

Transaction times can happen anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. The payment execution takes only couple of seconds. 

Transform your business with an innovative payment solution.  Transparent financial settlements  with no middlemen required. Simplicity, safety and privacy.

Groundbreaking technology customized to your needs and your priorities.

escrown coin (esc)

Send Escrown from anywhere in the world. Fast, cheap and secure.

Connect directly through a Peer-to-Peer system with no middlemen.

Recieve Escrown within seconds to another account. Ready for use.